Monday, May 25, 2015

Food & Nutrition, Life Skills and Sewing & Crafts Agenda's May 26th - June 5th, 2015

Food & Nutrition

Tuesday - 26th

Cinnamon Roll Lab -  Day 1
Prepare the dough and put it in the refrigerator overnight to rise.

Wednesday - 27th

Cinnamon Roll Lab - Day 2 
Roll out the dough and prepare and cut for baking - refrigerate overnight to rise.

Thursday - 28th

Cinnamon Roll Lab - Day 3
Bake - eat - enjoy cinnamon rolls - clean up

Friday - 29th

Watch Oprah video on Anorexia and discuss
Begin "Kate's Secret"  video on Bulimia

Monday - June 1st

Cont. with, "Kate's Secret", watch and discuss

Tuesday - June 2nd

Finish "Kate's Secret"
Take test over "Living a Healthy Lifestyle",  in class

Wednesday - June 3rd

3rd - hour
Begin to clean and inventory kitchens
5th - hour 
1's and 2's celebration
students remaining help to clean and inventory kitchens

Thursday - June 4th

Complete cleaning and inventory kitchens

Friday - June 5th

Class survey

Life Skills

Tuesday - May 26th

Final Foods Lab

Wednesday, May 27th - Friday, June 5th 

Wednesday, May 27th - Unit Pre-Test Physical changes of both male and
Video: Talking Real, Puberty Bodies in Progress for Boys & Girls

Thursday, May 28th - Abstinence Video: Real People: Teens Who
Choose Abstinence

Friday, May 29th -Sexually Transmitted Infections including
HIV/AIDS Video: Deadly Desires
Referenced handout: STI’s symptoms, etc.

Monday, June 1st - Pregnancy & Child Birth Video: Values &
Choices Lesson 9 Video: Human Reproduction and Childbirth

Tuesday, June 2nd - Sexual harassment, sexual abuse, & sexual
predators Video: Sexual Harassment/Abuse
Sex and Michigan Law
Video: Let's Get Real About Teen Sex & the Law
Referenced website: Michigan Sex Offender Registry

Wednesday, June 3rd – No class
1's and 2's celebration

Thursday, June 4th - cont. Sex and Michigan Law
Referenced handouts: Please don’t abandon your baby! and Men, Babies &
Michigan Law
Referenced website: Michigan Sex Offender Registry
Teen Pregnancy
Video: I Wish. . .

Friday, June 5th – Family Planning/Contraception
- Referenced handout: Contraceptive Options
- Post-test

Sewing & Crafts

Tuesday, May 26th 
A few students are finishing their pajama pants.
All others work on their cross-stitch patterns.

Wednesday, May 27th - Friday, May  29th

Work on "Junk Jar" project

Monday, June 1st - Friday, June 5th

Complete cross-stitch project


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